Dee Arthur James - Tattoo On My Brain

Single „Tattoo On My Brain”

Is a simple message of eternal impassioned love, expressed tenderly yet extraordinarily. Tattoos, like “real love” are forever. And having a tattoo on our brain is compared to carrying a photo around of the person you can’t live without. The passion is implanted into our thoughts and through our system night and day, and is everlasting.

A subtle sexy dance groove, featuring Jochim Scheel’s wah wah guitar licks, and the sensual breathy hook line, it is the perfect way to share “the last dance” before the passion continues under the sheets.

If you’re madly in love, this song is for you, to express your feelings close up and real tight. A summer feeling to last forever, and just a little longer. Tojay records release date as download 07.05.14 (may 7th) at Amazon and iTunes.

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