"3 DEE" out now on Tojay Records

See’s our hero take a definite two-step towards the dance floor, following his heart & love for house orientated grooves, R&B, Funk, Reggae & then full circle, back to his pop rock roots.
It’s colorful, vivacious and each track accelerates past its predecessors BPM 3 DEE… Is exactly what’s written on the label...
The third album from the Dee Camp embraces musical dimensions to which Dee feels very much at home. Produced together with Co-Writer Instrumentalist Thomas Jobmann in a two-man operative, both believing this is the best so far.

“Sonically we wanted to go out into the faster lanes, without losing the all important identity of where the DEE TRAIN has been, and what I’m all about”

The eclectic 14 track album takes in all the emotions of longing, losing, hope, & real life drama but never forgetting the silver linings… Sex, groove & Rock n Roll.

Kicking off with the urban tinged R&B of “This is my voice” followed by the emotive pain filled ballad of “It’s sinking in”

The dimensions continue to reveal changing moods diving back to Disco/Pop & the fact that Irony is never too far away with “You must be joking” & its tongue in cheek vocals chants, which scream out at the financial evils of the everyman.

Rhythmical the compass shuffles along with the monster chorus of “Paradise Seekers” & the unashamed erotica of

“Let me in” & its cocktail & clubby feeling.

The Tomah remixes of the much loved falsetto dynamics of “I won’t cry” & the bitter sweet

“Leaving in silence” have never sounded so fresh, and compliment the albums intriguing tapestry.

Both songs sitting high up on Dee’s global streaming charts.

Reminiscing has always been a big part of Dees songs and very little is left untouched when it comes to life on the road, with the ear worm of “From a dizzy height”. This fervent driving pop/rock anthem takes you to some of Dees most poignant musical highs & lows & together the autobiographic

“Where it all began” 65 Years are squeezed into a 3,48 Min Edit portraying many treasured moments from his illustrious journey from Birmingham to Hamburg.    

“Dee Town” is skillfully revisited in a soulful duet with long time friend & mega vocalist Steve Tolley resulting in an absolute retro gem & likewise the R&B guitar riffs & Horny Sax stabs of

Star of my dreams” give this beautiful Geoff Peacey song yet another stage to demonstrate its everlasting worth.

Love, life & more love is thrown up in the mix with the passionate reggae texture of “We gotta get over this” & personifies the hope within a broken relationship & sits admirably together with the intense Funk inspired

“Living Again” This pulsating track written together with the multi talented Jan Peter Genkel has been given the bursting James & Jobmann stamp & simply, takes no prisoners.

The album comes to its close with the thumping feel of “Party People” its disco vibes of celebration & global love proudly closes the studio door.

“3 Dee” is a pop journey of crafted radio friendly arrangements, enhanced by lush backing vocals instrumentation & passionate story telling, & resolutely, makes way for the next chapter.

“4 The Record” due out late summer 2019.

Tickets please & enjoy the ride!

3 DEE Out now on Tojay Records


Another Flame – Dee’s 14 track ear-worm album hits the net as download 25.05.17

The groove driven variation of pop themes is packed with Dee’s love for power pop, goose bump ballads, Birmingham reggae & Nashville vibes & includes the recent Top-20 hit "Hey-La", which was covered by German cult band City. “HeyYa” is now riding the media control radio charts, along with the UK proven radio stonkers “My only regret”, “Dave the DJ”, the atmospheric “Vonny” & the tongue in cheek summer groove “Making Dollars”.
The album opens up with the Tijuana/Chicago like horns of “The honeymoon is over now” followed by the lavish multi track vocal sound of “Letting go”. Dee’s striking falsetto is in full flight on the heart wrenching “I won’t cry”, then he takes us for a ride with the country flavored "Take a second”. The sax hook line of “Are you sure” asks a lovers' question of uncertainty and the dynamic marching anthem “Stay” is guaranteed to become a “Dee evergreen”. The title track “Another Flame” gives us optimism after love falls apart at the seems with an endearing retro-vibe lighting the way into the horny “Night Fire” – a breath taking climax which is gently eased down by the Euro hit “Hey-La” and complimented by the spine tingling ballad “Watching you sleep”. This Hollywood bound soundtrack closes Dee’s most proudest moment to date. “Another Flame” – a pop album full of Hamburg passion, from an artist/writer producer with Claret & Blue blood …
More to come real soon! Hit the BASS!


"If there’s a chance"

The 5 track EP features two versions of the soaring anthem, the “Tomah” Remix & the original album edit. In a recent You Tube interview with presenter Dave Wakeham, Dee tells the moving story of how the double-edged ballad was written. “It was January 1989; my mother had passed away after losing her battle with cancer, & as I returned to Hamburg after mom’s funeral, I sat in my studio surrounded by photographs of her precious memory.
My grief got the better of me as I sat at the piano, I began to sing through my tears & the song seemed to power its way through my heartache. The original lyric was far too personnel to release, and as time drifted by the healing process began to ease the darkest days of my life. It was now August 1990 and the world was confronted with a new dilemma.
The Gulf War had begun. My younger brother was fresh in the military and the whole scenario became a major concern for us all. The world looked on as history began to repeat its ugly self yet again, it seemed nothing had been learned from the past. My own anxiety & feelings inspired me to make a few changes to the lyric.
The sentiments of hope in finding a cure for cancer now carried a double-edged sword; If there’s a chance became an anthem for humanity, freedom and eternal optimism. If love, tolerance and compassion could erase the need for war, this was my contribution to that hope!
It wasn’t until late 2016 that a UK Radio Station picked up on the haunting ballad and gave it the air play it much deserved. In a listener survey its been voted his most loved track to date. In January 2017 Dee decided to edit the original album track with keyboard partner Thomas Jobmann into the “Tomah” radio-remix. The EP includes the brand new “We gotta get over this” An atmospheric reggae groove which tells the story of a long-time relationship that’s hit the rocks, & finds the couple attempting to save the day before it’s too late. Dee says “Reggae has always been a big part of my life, and each of my records contains at least one or two of the much loved influences”. The video mix of “Get me out of here” and the chill Instrumental “Natinasa” make up the EP package.
Release date 27.03.17.


"Get me out of here"

The brand new Dee Arthur James Video “Get me out of here” is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, a beat to your feet, and yet again a massive ear worm to your brain. Don’t try and stop it, just enjoy the ride! A song with hidden agendas? political overtones? or just having a bad day at the office? Who cares? Its foot stomping groove will help to relieve all your frustrations, whatever they may be! Directed by Dee & filmed by his 18 year old son Leon, a brilliant team effort, complimented by the genial post production and special effects from Kalle Körner @ ww.slice-Productions.de Turn it up folks! Things can only get better! Lets dance!


+++ Stop Press +++ 31.01.17. +++ AVFC & Dee the Villa Nutcase

Hi to all Villa fans around the globe!

Dee is currently producing a brand new Villa Hit to coincide with the big buzz at Villa Park. All the excitement and positive vibes grooved into a passionate Villa song. Stay tuned! More to come very soon…… Up DEE Villa!


“My only regret” - the brand new single - out 17th. oct. 2016

Is it truth or just plain fantasy? A guy's walking through the city & makes eye contact with the most beautiful woman he’s seen in his life. It all happened in a flash; Her smile, the look in her eye, her body language, she signals for him to take up the lead! But regretfully he didn’t. Hence;
“My only regret, is I didn't look back, to ask you the way or stop in my tracks NO...my only regret & now it’s too late
I’m a fool lost in time why did I…. Hesitate”…….
Dee's brand new cracker.... " My only regret"
It’s a foot stomping earworm with mischievous choir-chants, a beguiling guitar riff and a ripping ZZ Top like solo.
Pure good time rock n roll with a tinge of erotic fantasy. Oh YEA.... Is it truth or... ?.....
All is revealed in the song just download the vibes and get on board this massive ear worm, your feet just won't stop!


Bromsgrove Advertiser features Dee's new release

"Rubery rocker Dee Arthur James releases new album on back of Germany fame" more.


New Album "Stay" released on march 11

New album "Stay" out now. Available only as direct order. 12 Tracks, including the brand new unreleased Hollywood Dream Ballad “Watching you sleep”, the current single “Stay”, Dee’s Eurovision Entry song “Hey-La”, the original ballad version from “Star of my dreams”. Seven Re-Masters & two beautiful Instrumentals: "Opus 4/1" & "Homemead Grove".


Hi Everyone;

I'm absolutely delighted to announce the news that my brand new album "Dee Arthur James" is to be released on march 13. Now on Amazon for pre-order at a price no pop/rock/reggae/soul/& passionate ballad lover could even start to ignore. 20 quality tracks, each & everyone a short story from my life. Join me, on my journey into the future, every beat of the way.
Yours in the love of songwriters must survive... Pop-Rock-Love & Light... Dee Arthur James in Hamburg...


The beginning of my second journey

Dee’s brand new single is available as download as from 27.11.14 and is one of his most passionate lyrical works to date. The song is pure "Private Emotion", coming from one of Dee’s most dramatic personal experiences. Dee recalls the inspiration behind the song:
"In May 2010 I  suffered a massive heart attack and "My name is" takes me back to that day. I knew what was happening the moment I collapsed to the ground. I was in a helpless cold sweat and could feel myself slipping away, but an inner voice whispered for me to hang on. It was surreal. I wasn’t in pain I just felt so helpless with my body swimming towards insensibility. My son Leon had just run a 5000 meter race and I was celebrating him crossing the line. Then it struck.
I was lucky, as I was surrounded by people, if I’d been alone, I wouldn’t have survived. The medics were amazing and the whole situation shed a brand new light over my life. I was so grateful to be able to stand up on my own two feet again. This song is every beat of my being,  it’s a simple yet powerful message of gratitude to the doctors who pulled me through. It’s me. it’s all that I am, skin and bone, and a heart that that pounds with endless passion.

I lost my father to a heart attack , and I know it was his spirit calling from the other side. May 13th 2010 was the beginning of my second journey & "My Name is" celebrates every single step."


Rubery – the time-machine got started ...

Dee’s long awaited tribute song to the village of Rubery and the city of Birmingham (where he grew up), hits the web 07.10.14. The passionate Pop/Rock stomp is guaranteed not only to get your feet moving, the catchy hook line will be “tattooed on your brain” with no escape. Once heard never forgotten, the crafted verses set the mood of the story line which lead into the massive chorus, which Dee foresees the West Midlands could be chanting for years to come.
"This song is dedicated to my heritage and the people who grew up listening to pop music with A & B sides. Music let us paint our own pictures in those days, and I want to relive that magic with my Rubery time-machine. I left the Uk over 30 years ago but my passion for those childhood memories still remain so precious. Rubery is based on nostalgia, and will hopefully take my fellow Brummies’ forward and embrace the years ahead influenced by the good old days of guitar oriented driving beats & urban chants".
1956…. put the record on Mama…. Rubery was out of sight…. let’s dance people.!!!! Download the Rubery time-machine! Press play and let the memories rock you back for 4.30 Mins of great VIBES….

Check out on iTunes and Amazon





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